ALIS (Administration of Literary Rights in Sweden) is a collective rights managemant society presently representing approximately 4 000 writers.

ALIS, a non-profit organisation, was founded in 1995 by the writers’ own representatives, the Swedish Writers’ Union (SFF), the Swedish Union of Journalists (SJF), the Swedish Playwrights’ Union (SDF), and the Swedish Association for Educational Writers (SLFF).

ALIS manages the economic rights of copyright owners when their material is being re-used. Material, which has been published or otherwise made public, can be re-used in media such as databases, radio, and television. ALIS licenses both analogue and digital usage.

ALIS offers extensive services to its members. ALIS negotiates and signs individual, general and collective agreements as well as authorises the use of literary works. ALIS oversees and collects copyright remuneration  and attempts to ensure that other parties comply with contractual obligations. Furthermore, ALIS offers free advice and guidance to its members with regards to their copyright.

Board of Directors
Eddie Pröckl

Vice Chairperson:
Jon Persson, SFF

Members of the Board:
Per Solnes, SLFF
Leif Jarlén, SLFF
Jenny Lundström, SLFF
Susin Lindblom, SDF
Birgit Hageby, SDF
Pontus Lenke, SDF
Gunnar Ardelius, SFF
Jon Persson, SFF
Jonas Nordling, SJF
Olle Wilöf, SJF
Eddie Pröckl, SJF

Helen Asker, Managing Director
Sara Hellman, Legal counsel
Astrid Nymansson, Legal counsel
Elin Hellstörm, Assistant legal counsel
Johanna Toth, Administrator/accounts assistant
Malin Widert Schoug, Legal administrator
Carl Magnusson, Administrator

Telephone: +46 8 411 98 10 (Tuesdays 13-16 p.m. and Thursdays 09-12 a.m.)
E-mail: alis(at)alis.org

Address: ALIS, Drottninggatan 85, SE-111 60 Stockholm, SWEDEN